both musicians come from different genres. snyder from heavy metal and marcos hometown is the blues. an important type of music in their musical development was grunge. from this base there is a mix of grunge, hardrock, bluesrock, punkrock, alternative rock and indie-rock.


the indie rock band "beckdotblue" was founded 2015, after singer & guitarist simon snyder and "babobass" marco left the cover-blues-band "LEK". snyder and marco wanted to go new musical ways that could not be realized with the old combo. snyder began to write new songs and marco changed his bass style. they use the genre-type instrumentation of vocals, guitar, bass and drums for their music.


snyder is almost exclusively responsible for the music. in the songwriting he makes sure that the songs are catchy and easy to sing. source of inspiration of the band are nirvana, rock'n'roll legends like elvis presley, the rock music of the sixties, but also metalbands like metallica. in addition, the band inspiration takes from styles like punk rock, country and blues.

"with our music, we try not to combine different styles of music, but to play with the contrasts deliberately. in my heart, an idea is created that is shaped from the head to a song." -snyder-

snyder, apart from the cover versions, writes all the lyrics of the band. these are largely inspired by the nineties. other texts are partly autobiographical or simple love and life stories.